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The Book

The Brushies world is dedicated to making brushing fun while teaching kids about cavities and healthy habits.

Casting sugar bugs as sneaky villains and Brushies as skilled superheroes, kids learn how they can team up twice a day to keep the sugar bugs away.

Each character’s personality is a little different from the others, letting kids and caregivers make up stories and songs as part of their brushing routine. Kids learn that Momo’s jokes, Pinkey’s compliments, Chomps’ strength and Willa’s big hugs all work together to chase away the sugar bugs.


Brushies books also come in other languages, because playtime, bonding, and children’s health is universal.

Brushies characters are ready for play anywhere – as finger puppets or bathtub buddies – making them easy to introduce into activities.

Brushies Tip:

Storytelling about sugar bugs and Brushies characters helps kids understand that teeth are under attack and they can help! Learning that Brushies are working to get rid of the sugar bugs engages kids to understand teamwork and healthy, daily habits.

Keeping Brushies playful and making clean teeth a point of pride for kids teaches them that healthy habits are fun and rewarding.

Brushies Tip:

While bedtime might be stressful, staying positive and patient lets you stay creative and cuddly. Keep the routine sweet so it doesn’t become a struggle. Sing songs, tell stories about the Brushies, give plenty of praise and make a big deal about a big clean smile.

Healthy habits start early, learn how Brushies can be used as baby grows.

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