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About Us

Brushies was founded to make brushing fun!

(Because let’s be honest – sometimes it’s not)

Our founding characters – Willa, MoMo, Pinkey and Chomps – are finger puppet toothbrushes that team up to fight sugar bugs.

Brushing is fun and keeps them away

But you have to brush at least twice a day

For babies and small children, brushing can be difficult or dreaded. But by integrating creative play and storytelling at an early age, daily habits become easy and educational.

Your job is simple, just let us inside

Open your mouth then smile with pride!

We’re beloved by pediatric dentists, parents, and kids, and we’ve been chosen in The Bump’s Best of Baby Awards and featured in numerous other blogs.

About the Founders

Brushies is the brainchild of two moms – a family dentist and a psychologist – who knew there was a better way to make healthy habits fun for parents and their kids. Using a design that was friendly enough for tiny mouths and big imaginations, the Brushies make for an excellent introduction to dental care.

Hilary Fritsch, DMD

For over a decade, Hilary has been treating patients of all ages at her California dental practice. But at home, things weren’t going so well. Mom to two kiddos, she handled her fair share of brushing struggles outside of her nine-to-five.

“I’m a family dentist! I knew that if I couldn’t get it right with my own kids, something was very wrong with the traditional approach.” After battling her youngest, she watched in awe one day as he happily chomped away on finger puppets. “That’s when the lightbulb went off. How did this not exist yet?” 

Colleen Crowley, Ph.D., M.A., LMFT

As a clinical psychologist and guest lecturer, Colleen has spent the last decade helping families when they hit life’s stumbling blocks. And sometimes big stumbling blocks can be as small as two fraught minutes, twice a day, every day. “Parenting is about bonding, patience, examining your own approach, and a willingness to meet your child where they are. It’s really all about developing trust and creating consistent habits through play.”

Drawing on her extensive child development expertise and the playful approach she uses at home with her three children, Colleen shaped the theory and personality of the Brushies to help parents get their silly on at just the right time in a child’s life.

The Babiators Team

Babiators partnered with Colleen & Hilary in 2018 to bring The Brushies into the Babiators Brand family. We look forward to bringing our expertise to help share the fantastic Brushies product line with parents worldwide who have grown to love and trust the Babiators brand over the last 8 years.

One for One

Make two mouths happy and healthy with one purchase. With every purchase, we donate a Brushie to Baby2Baby.

Our partnership with Baby2Baby